Thursday, September 16, 2010

We're Back!

Now that we're back in Halifax, our poor neglected blog can get a little more regular again, particularly with a new regular contributor! Well... I may be volunteering for her a bit, but let's hope it's regular.

I will miss the camera, the garden, the space, and the random equipment of the old kitchen, but it's good to be here. But I have to to tell you, the thing I really missed this whole summer away was my chef's knife. My Waterloo kitchen hasn't got one, although it has every other kind of knife known to mankind. Unfortunately, it looks like my knife was happy to see me too, and in all the rush of saying hello, it accidentally lodged itself in my finger. The good news is that it's my pinky finger, so in not using it I can practice looking refined when I have a cup of tea.

Oh, and I guess I'll post about the squash I was peeling when it happened. Minor detail.