Saturday, August 13, 2016

Return to Halifax

It has been several years since Sophia and I have had the pleasure of cooking together in our lovely Halifax attic apartment.

We finally reunited with our third companion, Caroline, in Halifax this past month. We may not have had the chance this time to cook together but we did enjoy many fabulous meals together.

The most noteworthy is the eggs poutine benedict prepared by Caroline's own chef, Ian. This heavenly creation was prepared with hashbrowns, cheese curds, home made scratch hollandaise and two perfectly poached eggs, featured below.

We enjoyed the benedict with a fresh salad and Ian's own home made granola with strawberries sauteed with tequila, which gave the strawberries a softness and wonderful sweetness.

I came back from my trip inspired to share my recipes once again with my old friends from Halifax.
Thank you Caroline and Ian for hosting us!! Thank you to Sophie for traveling to Halifax to visit :D

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