Friday, February 19, 2010

It's time for a break. Spring break in fact! Alas, this means that Katherine and I will be apart for the weekend, as I will be enjoying some winter fun elsewhere.

But this doesn't mean I can't challenge her! She'll have more time, but fewer people to cook for, so hmmm... Maybe some elaborate munchables.

This is so the day I would challenge her to macarons, but that's not only cruelly difficult, she wouldn't be able to eat them.

However, she has been mentioning Thai curries quite a bit. And housemate Caroline, who will be available to enjoy whatever comes of this challenge, is rather delighted at the idea!

But since Katherine is the one who has been doing the research, I think I'll leave this up to her.

So, Katherine! Make your choice combination of Thai curry, love, and deliciousness! Any kind, any ratio!

And take pictures so I know what I'm missing:)


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