Friday, February 5, 2010

So this weekend, due to a busy schedule, I not only failed at the beef vindaloo, I also failed at writing about it. I don't know how I would have gotten through if it weren't for the sudden apparition of a coffee machine in the apartment though! That and Katherine's (adult) hot chocolate:
It's full of however much Bailey's you want, which is particularly wonderful before giving a presentation. I've never felt more disorganized, yet enthusiastic, about literature before:)

So back to the vindaloo. It started out ok. The curry was in this tasty-looking paste, it smelled lovely, even my hands smelled great from the spice rub. It was really promising:

But then the recipe got a bit confusing. VERY confusing. Adding four cups of water and boiling this meat until it resembled tiny leather cubes was the next step, it would seem. However, Katherine saved everything with some basmati rice and pakoras.

So in the end, if you mixed everything together, it turned out ok. I'm still going to try again though, so no new challenge for me this week.

In other news, the sun came out for a while, so I got enjoy some of my "Paris, Mon Amour" tea in a sunbeam!

I also decided to branch out from my regular Chilean red wines in favour of some Alsatian stuff. I picked it out judging by the prettiness of the label. Always judge a book by its cover. Always.

Honestly, the best part was being able to keep it cold on the balcony. Until it froze a bit.

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