Sunday, March 7, 2010


Banana cake, eh? I don't have any bananas.

This means I get to shop for the oldest, brownest bananas in the store! I don't know why that's such an exciting prospect. Maybe because I can actually buy those piles of mush on the discount shelf?

I love the discount shelf, it has such a romantic vibe to it. I think it might be because I read this book when I was eleven:

It involves some abandoned kids who decide that if their grandmother's house is a three-day drive, it couldn't possibly take that much longer to WALK there! Right? I haven't bothered with updating my general idea of the plotline with any research, so I might be completely off here... but the POINT is that since they're kids, they have no money, and they survive by buying the cheapest things off of grocery store discount shelves.

So I always check those shelves to see what they've got, plan how much I'd need to just pick up and become a nomad or something. Of course, I have to admit (though I think this says more about the grocery stores than it does about me) that I've never bought anything from a discount shelf.

Besides, dumpster diving is way more economical. Not that I've ever done that either.

So moving on, I've got to find something for Katherine's squash. I'm just hungry enough to do this. After the lengthy task of squash identification, it turns out it's a buttercup squash. So there aren't quite as many recipes as there would be for, say, a butternut squash... I guess the question is do I want soup? Spring is springing, so I'm not in the mood for anything terribly hearty.

For some general squash tips, look HERE !

Now, I'm not sure if buttercup squash can substitute butternut squash, but this soup looks delicious. No, it sounds delicious; It looks like a bowl of yellow.

So, for Katherine, this is the soup I want! Only with buttercup squash. And any other modifications you want to make, since I know you love it. This seems pretty up your alley as far as soups go, so I hope you have fun with it!

Imagine a picture of a bowl of yellow here.


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