Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cake List!

Alright Katherine, you want cake? You'll have cake.
I've got three flavours to choose from, and a recipe for each. And, as an added bonus, I promise that I will make one of them too! I will pick from the two leftovers and the last one... well, we'll forget it ever existed.

So! If you're looking for something classic and, well, chocolate, I found this somewhat-maybe-not-so-simple-looking single pan cake here. Of course, you'd have to leave out the almonds, I think.

Looks a little something like this:
The next possibility would be perfect if summer is proving a tad too warm for a thick chocolate cake! Perhaps you want something fruity, but still heartwarming. Labels to which everything baked with apples can adhere! Something like this!

It looks really good too, but I love anything crumbly:

The last one looks ridiculous. But I'm on strawberry overload over here, and need to find a bunch of ways to use them up instead of just eating them over the sink, which I've been doing nearly every day. I have not found anyone to give me their rhubarb, so I will have to buy a bunch before I make my first pie of the season. Or it could just be a strawberry pie. But there never seem to be enough, no matter how many I buy. We'll see what happens once the pick-your-own starts. Can't wait.

Right! A picture! Don't laugh.

There you go. But just so you know I mean business, let me tell you that my quilting frame is assembled and my sewing machine is oiled. So there.

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