Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Idea

I've just been having trouble thinking up things to make lately. I blame having a job with almost free restaurant food and never cooking for myself!

But I thought hey, I read a lot! Why not just make something from whatever book I'm reading. That would be fun for everyone!

Unfortunately for you (and maybe me, because I'll have to eat it) I'm currently reading compendium one of Rober Kirkman's The Walking Dead. So all I've come up with so far is canned pears:

"We've got about three more cans of peaches though. Other than that, the fruit is almost gone"
"Crap... I really liked the pears. And I hate peaches."


"when I saw the broken window I was worried. But the looting must have happened early on, back when people were stealing TVs, VCRs and computers. Everyone must have fled to Atlanta by the time people realized canned goods were more valuable. Lucky for us."

So there we go folks. I'll see what I can do.