Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yes, as is evident, exams and end of term paper season has been heavily upon us. Thus lack of creativity, lack of eating proper meals in general. Sophia and I have been nourishing ourselves between yesterday and today on her Half Baked Pot Brownies, courtesy of Pierre A. Lamielle's Kitchen Scraps cookbook.

A very just buy, made my Sophia. Finished off last night with our usual stompin grounds, at Freeman's Little New York on Quinpool, yet again shout out to all ye locals. If you're wondering where they all be, there they be'th. Most likely no challenges will be had before we all part ways for the summer break. The peppers recipe that I challenged Sophia to was a dud. It required too many already prepped ingredients, one of those being peppers that are hard to find around these parts. All in all, it required little culinary skill or effort but rather a fat wallet. However, Sophia challenged me to this

which I find quite fitting because lasagne seems to have been the buzzword that I've been hearing everywhere over the last month. This is probably gonna be Sophia and my last weekend in Halifax before we head off. I plan on posting the lasagne challenge from my respective other home among others... Rumor has it that the follow up will be made by a guest challenger that will dare me to get whimsical with bacon.
Either way may or may not wrap up the semester with a good ol' batch of empanadas for the girls of the house. Stay tuned...

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