Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Night Out!

So my intention had been to travel. To travel and to eat and to share. This would have been especially wonderful as I was to travel with my aunt Magda, who has been a culinary inspiration for my entire life. It could be because she always highlights the importance of aperitifs and digestifs, but it's more likely the fact that she can make the most beautiful gourmet meals from the sparest resources. My parents recently went on a boat tour with her, and she managed to feed four people like kings from a tiny galley, while helping to run the boat around Friesland. So I was excited.

But alas, the world decided to ash all over my plans, and I'm stuck in Halifax with nothing to do for the next two weeks. I won't get discouraged though, and I do plan to make the most of it. The first thing on the "sucks to your ashmar" list was oyster happy hour at the Little Fish! You can get very diverse oyster selections without being gouged from 4-6 every day. HOWEVER, when we walked in the door, the restaurant did not seem to exist anymore. Turns out they're undergoing renovations at the moment. We did get oysters though, as the hostesses from the 5 Fishermen swooped in to claim us. A bit pricey, but with the money back from the plane ticket, it was completely worth it. Also, I hate to be a stickler, but I would have liked to know where the oysters came from. The Little Fish is very adamant about letting you know exactly what farm they're from and how you can tell.

In addition to a dozen oysters I had Digby Scallops, which were pretty tasty, and came with a decent bed of veggies! No artichoke hearts in sight though, sadly. Possibly they were mashed into the mash, but they must have been mashed very well.

And Katherine, to the best of my knowledge, thoroughly enjoyed her leg of lamb on a bed of... something. Looked and tasted like homemade pasta with rosemary. Could have been something fancy I just don't know about. Oh, and we may have neglected to take advantage of the complimentary mussel bar. Next time, maybe.


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