Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter, Have Some Banana Cake!

Finally, I got the pictures onto my computer. There's not much to say about this cake; I didn't really stray from the recipe Katherine gave me. But! I used yogourt instead of buttermilk, and added some chocolate chips because I had them, and because Katherine and Caroline insisted. I suppose I couldn't really eat them all myself, though I did try. I also baked it in a Bundt pan because I love Bundt cakes more than anything, and I still haven't forgiven myself for missing Bundt cake day last December. Or was it November? For shame!I'm not really into putting powdered sugar on things like this, because as nice as it looks, the process is just messy. Unfortunately, using a Bundt pan and a very old oven tends to make things cook in half the time, and even though I caught this just in time, it looked a little dark.

See? So I had to make it pretty, even if it meant covering the whole kitchen with a fine layer of powder.
Also, I unfortunately broke my orange zester, which meant that I had to grate the orange peel... which creates this mass of discoloured pulp. I recommend real zesters.

My favourite things about making this cake?

How hairy the zest made the beaters look:

And the mess:
This picture was also for Katherine, who complained that my hands have not once appeared in this blog.
And of course, the ingredients! Though you can't really taste the Grand Marnier. I will add more next time.


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