Friday, January 29, 2010

Challenge #1 for Katherine

For this week, I required that Sophia challenge me to a dish:

1) with zucchini as its main feature because there was a sale!

2) that was vegetarian

3) and was without dairy

I had leftover basil, thyme, peppers, parsley, and tomatoes so she was very resourceful when she challenged me to ratatouille! Not to be confused with the movie...

I used the roasted ratatouille recipe from I had never cooked eggplant before and we decided that it is the most beautiful vegetable!

Unfortunately it was not as successful as I had hoped. :( It was too mushy and I left the vegetables in the oven for a wee bit too long. The eggplant should have sat out salted for about an hour to retain its firmness. Perhaps it would have also been more sucessful had I used the original method of cooking the vegetables over the stove. I toasted the couscous that I made to accompany it for a little too long as well! Better luck next time!

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